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Black BanQ Foundation is a corporate diaspora institution formed by intellectual visionary entrepreneurs, our mission is to future series to connect the young leaders of tomorrow with the trailblazers of today and give self-freedom to the needy for those taking advantage of abusing young children and adults. Create sustainable health care aid sanitation, education, culture and heritage stability and innovate communities around the globe.

Our mission is to have a safe space for the youth, Promoting Open Youth-To-Youth Communication and Multicultural Bridge Building. Enhancing leadership development among young people. But the reality is that joining a professional organization will provide an invaluable wealth of knowledge, resources and opportunities that you are otherwise missing out on. Our organization create opportunities for leadership so that young adult people involved in our organization can receive information on staying safe and healthy from their peers or adults they know and respect.

Our vision is for voluntary and community action to have the greatest positive impact on people. We set out the role we will play in achieving that vision. Working with all of our partners and local communities to achieve it. We believe that, as a community, we are strong enough when there are opportunities for local people to work together, however, we also understand that it is not an easy time for organizations that support local communities. Our trustees, members, volunteers and staff hold a wealth of experience that we will utilize to provide professional services including our upcoming public sector partners who rely on us to bring the voices of local people and communities to their attention


We’re confident that we’re doing things right and that we have a critical role to play in supporting local communities in Asante Bekwe. We’re a constantly evolving organization which responds to the needs of the voluntary and community sector. We’re now 1 month and very proud of what we’ve achieved in such a short space of time.

Our core values describe our ambitions for the future, and they will guide our work for the next three years, the directive ways we can work which will better meet the needs of the voluntary and community sector and aids our own sustainability. We’ve also considered the external environment, considered the issues which will impact the voluntary and community sector such as changes in public sector funding. As part of this work, we have refreshed our core values, and how we work as an organization, we’re now satisfied that we are doing the right things for the right reasons and in the right way.








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